Sunday, 3 August 2008

August Snow????

21.52 Hungover but I've had a great week. I've added a new song to the myspace, the sounds at the start are guitars looped faded in and looped to sound like synth pads. 310720082066 Played on Thursday at the Roxy SE1 with Datapuddle a fantastic band. Great guys and some really original ideas - watch this (visuals by the excellent Tom Munday): I found their stuff really inspiring combining samples with live guitars and vocals - check out the album its on itunes. When I played there were live visuals by Blinkinlab Tom and Satoko were amazing - truly inspiring. After a few songs i found myself defering the role of performer to soundtrack artist as their wonderful visual work was projected on to the cinema screen. They had really paid attention to the music and worked out stuff that worked with each song. We talked afterward and plan to work together in the future. 030820082097 Yesterday was my birthday I had a great day with Mrs S and my friends, Mrs S made me a wonderful Dalek cake (in line with my Dr Who geek obsession). I used the money I got to get a Kaossilator (more in the next blog) and Mrs S brought me a melodian for full on dub action. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. Take it easy Matt Outside the roxy blue men up the wall: 310720082058 Tottenham sunset 010820082073 Melodian 030820082088 New toy 030820082100

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