Sunday, 31 August 2008


This from the comments board on my myspace: Hi Matt, I listened to all of your songs and I really appreciate your work! Just it comes natural to me asking you something. . . well. . . it' s not really a question, I'm just "worried" that you are not so happy in your life, is it like that or I'm wrong? Don't get me wrong pls, I loved listen to your music, especially in this moment of my life, but I would be sorry if you were not happy...that's all! :-) Anyway, great job! Wishing you all the best! Ciao from Italy Mirko its just sad music man, really! I've always liked minor keys and dissonance, and really sad chord sequences, inversions - Portishead and Radiohead. I suppose there is power in emotional music and its a great way expressing yourself. I'm fine!! Nice message thou. Working on songs for the gig on thursday - i'm going to play a new song called Big Sky and i'm going to use the Echoplex and the whammy pedal live for the first time. Using new kit is always scary. This is Deus doing Little Arithmetics (which is also a bit sad) - wonderful song... , Matt Stevens

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