Wednesday, 23 July 2008


22.37pm Time - spend so much time running around. I remember when i was a teenager being bored, I never seem to have time to be bored. Music I haven't time to listen to, you tube, blogs, myspace, facebook, etc etc etc When I was a kid all there was to do was play guitar, it was great! But the internet is awesome - i'm REALLY into this site now LONDON RECORDING a site put together by a few friends with some amazing connections in the recording industry - Jerry Boys(Buena Vists thru to the Beatles engineer) is on there!! Amazing site - brilliant place to promote music and speak to interesting people. Between that one and AF Collective have been keeping me busy. I think these niche sites are the future of social networking. 230720081982 I've been trying to connect my macbook to the TV- very complicated, running around London I brought Mrs S Sims 2 for her Mac. I've got Logic Express and a midi keyboard so i can work out the arrangements for the second album, i hope to start work as soon as the first is mastered(this week hopefully!). 230720081996 Can I get some feedback - do you prefer CD's or Downloads? Tring to work out how many to get printed up(500 minimum?)! Random photos Wards Corner - they are knocking down some lovely old buildings in Seven Sister 200720081977 230720081981 Going Electric????? 230720081991 I'm playing on the 31st in SE1 London - hope to see you there!! Also big congratulations to my mate sonny, the Portico Quartet album he co produced has been nominated for a mercury music award along with the likes of Radiohead etc VERY COOL Matt

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