Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Free Music???

13.14 I believe its a good idea for artists to give away some music as a way of giving people a chance to get used to your stuff - most people use their ipods as radios now. I however still feel musicians should get paid if you are investing money in to a project, music does cost money to produce however way you look at it if you want to use good people and good equipment. My stuff was recorded by my friend Kevin Feazey of Pinna Productions - an amazing small studio in London. There i no way i could have got the sounds on my album without his hard work. I don't agree with the arseholes who download music for free who are destroying the industry one by one - although i think that distributing live concerts and bootlegs is cool. Anyway download some free stuff here:
Matt%20%20StevensQuantcast Don't worry you won't be spammed from me. Thanks Matt

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