Thursday, 14 August 2008


A busy week Rehearsing for the gig in Norwich on saturday afternoon. Stressing about playing a new song called Blue Filter- I'll record a live version for the next podcast (should be out next week). I've been listening to Tom Tom Club this week bloody great. Visited the Storm wasisname bloke Pink Floyd art exhibition on the South Bank, I love floyd art and signed prints were from £100 - I can't justify spending that when I still need a new distortion pedal, bugger. We watched London Bridge open - an amazing bit of engineering action. 100820082117 We watched the guys working on the beach by the Thames making sand sculptures 100820082114 Mrs S made a wonderful veggie lasagne(with egg) 140820082123 The scary world of the locked tube exit 130820082119 Tottenham Skies 140820082120 And heres some bloody amazing footage of my favourite band the Mahavsihnu Orchestra Take it easy Matt Stevens


Anonymous said...

Missed the Storm Thorgerson exhibit here in Cape Town last year as well. Would've loved to buy a print since a photographer I admire (and have chatted with) shot loads of his covers (Jill Furmanovsky). Anyways, it's Saturday avy and I hope you're having a kicking gig at Norwich. by the way, I'm really digging your Parks EP download.

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed parks download more stuff at thanks mate


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