Thursday, 21 August 2008

leona Lewis????

8pm So now my guitar rig is: Acoustic Guitar - Volume Pedal - Whammy Pedal - Kaossialator(via mini mixing desk) - DL4 Looper I tried to see what my old tele would sound like but it just wasn't working, couldn't seem to get close to an electric sound i liked. I've only been player acoustic guitar for the past couple of years but i'm having problems going back to electric, can't seem to muster the "ROCK". I'm jamming with some friends next week so hopefully it will work again then. I'm thinking of adding in some looped percussion by adding a mic in before the looper via the mixing desk (shakers, blocks, tambourine, hand drums and glokenspiel) and some melodica. Really looking forward to trying some new sounds... Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis to play Whole Lotta Love at the beijing olympics. Oh dear.... Watched this - a cool documentary about Hawkwind, i'm not a massive fan but its a great documentary. I was a bit partial to the Levitation album when i was 14. Norwich is flat..... 160820082128 Next gig is T-Birds finsbury park on the 4th Sept. Matt

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