Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Should you get a job in the music industry?

To be honest I wouldn't recommend a full time career in music to anyone, certainly not in recording. 

My friend was working with a very well known producer last week and even he is struggling. Most of the studios in London are closing/closed and my friends who are engineers are looking for day jobs. Things may be better outside London for all I know thou, its all over here. 

If you can work lots of hours and cut all costs you can survive, but you'll be hard pushed to earn what someone in McDonalds would earn. The trouble is because everyone wants to do it people will work for free.


Anonymous said...

So true my friend, so true

Federico Antin said...


More than pretty sad, because we're not talking only about London, once "The Promise Land Of Recording Studios", it's happening everywhere.
Best wishes, as always, and all my love,


London Recording Studios said...

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Hen Party London said...

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