Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 2

I'm loving this St Vincent record. Sounds new.

The level of success my work has seen in the last couple of years seems to me incredible, considering that its not easy music to love. Far beyond any expectation I had. Mission accomplished, it helps to have realistic dreams. When i was 20 i would have loved to be in a band that sold hundreds of thousands, but not now. A small audience and some decent gigs and press. Done. I know that sales of a few thousand are very little to the general music industry but to me these are huge numbers. I am grateful to the audience but slightly worried about the level of expectation.

To move forward the music must change, evolve.

More demos to make.

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Jem said...

Ah yes, expectation can be a scary thing. I'm looking at a bloody great wall of it right now as it happens! :)

You're right though, it's vital to ignore it and just make the music you want to make. For every person that might be alienated by change, there'll be somebody else out there (who might not have even heard of you yet) that will love it.

That's my plan anyway and I'm sticking to it! :)


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