Monday, 29 November 2010

Yonks and other recording projects

Hello Blog Readers :)

Hope you're good? Enjoying a cup of tea of or a light ale?

After the excitement of playing to hundreds of people at Islington Academy today I've being doing guitar part for Jessica Grace's new album - a track that features me, Kev from The Fierce and The Dead and Seb Roachford from Polar Bear/Acoustic Ladyland. Recording went well - played lots of different parts, some harmony bits and a lot of Johnny Marr-esque jangle on my Telecaster. Great tracking guitar thru a Fender Hotrod. I shall have to post the track when the album comes out.

Another recording project I'm working on is Yonks - with Lextrical. Mostly its improv stuff along to programmed parts by Lextrical - some stuff with him playing guitar in unusual tunings. Very modal/experimental/electronic. We're hoping to get an EP out soon and are playing at an exhibition of Mythical Taxidermy soon. Seriously!

Yonks in the Studio:


One last photo from the Islington gig:



Unknown said...

Is that a wound second string? What kind of alien tunings are you guys using?!

Unknown said...

Thats Mr Lextrical - they VERY odd tunings - I play along in normal tunings - i only do drop D drop C drop B :)

I shall have to find out what tunings he uses

Unknown said...

Ha Well in any case looks interesting... can't wait to hear what comes out of this project!


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