Sunday, 21 November 2010

Whats happening ere then?

Hows it going? Hope you're good. I'm doing a free web stream gig tonight at 6.30 pm UK Time - its only an half hour set but you should stay around to watch the excellent James Corachea and Ernesto Schnack. You can watch it here: Would be awesome to see you there - the international times are here: Its a warm up for the Barclay James Harvest support gig on Friday - I can't wait - its the biggest venue I've ever played outside of festivals - the Islington Academy holds nearly 1000 people. If you want to get both my albums for £8(plus postage) the offer is ending at the end of the November. Order them here - thanks to everyone who has payed for CD's/downloads already - thanks to your support I have been able to book a day in the studio in Decembr. If you have got my music free please pass it on and copy it for your friends, I really appreciate it :) - Obscurity is the enemy, not piracy and all that. Thanks loads Matt Stevens

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