Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Album out now!!

Hello all

My new album is now out - you can download it here and pay what you want inc Free(if you do get it free please tell a friend):

There is a slight delay on the CD version, I've just heard from the suppliers and they are being sent out tomorrow, there were problems with artwork/digipacks. Bugger, very frustrating because the last thing you want to do is piss off the very people who have supported what you are doing, grrrr. I'm sorry about that - was out of my hands but bloody annoying.

It weird now everyone is hearing it - this has taken 2 years worth work off and on - I'd really like to thanks my friend Kevin Feazey who has done an amazing job producing, mixing and mastering he record, especially since my back injury has kept me lying down for the last 6months of the project. Thanks man.

The response from bloggers,podcasters and listeners has been remarkable. I feel incredibly lucky that such a genuinely decent bunch of people listen to this music.

Also I need your thoughts on this what genre does the music on Ghost fit into? These are the ones on Reverbnation:

It seems to be non of the above!!

Anyway thanks to everyone who spread the word about the album, its hugely appreciated,

Speak soon


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