Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why I feel lucky to have an audience

Sometimes I get frustrated with people saying to me that "soclal" media doesn't work for breaking new music. Musicians try things once or twice or for a few weeks or a month then say it doesn't work if they don't sell loads of albums.

Its not about that. Its about making honest connections with people. The networks are just tools.You don't run into a pub and start screaming about how great you are and try and sell people stuff. Its connections with individual people and they have to be honest and authentic.

I feel incredibly lucky to have an audience, small, wonderful and supportive. My new album has done in context really well and people seem to like it. Its amazing and thanks so much. I feel a debt of gratitude. But this has taken YEARS to build, the best part of nearly 4 years to find an audience, and I consider myself really lucky that's happened. I just hope things continue in the same way! Musicians need to think of the legacy of work they are creating, not about short term gain.

And if you don't do it because you love it, you'd be mad to do it :)

One of the projects I've been proud to be part of this year since my back went last year is Cafe Noodle - an online community. As a group of musicians we set out to make a long piece of music - 75bpm in dm - we sourced the bpm and key signature from Twitter. My friend Tom Slatter put it all together. Have a listen here:

BigCalm by Tom Slatter

I took this today on my walk:
IMG_0690 See you soon



Doug Darrell said...

I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with you there, Matt! My own number one reason for making music (chiefly for the band Triangle Exception, plug plug), is that it's just fun. We make it available in as many different ways as we can, just in case there are other folks out there who dig the product of our recreation :-) And though product isn't flying off the shelf, there have been enough nibbles to keep us encouraged.

And if it weren't for social networks, Twitter in particular, I would never have stumbled upon you lot over there on Cafe Noodle. Cool tune we all hatched under your and Tom's direction, and I'm proud of my 2/45th's of it :-D

Doug Darrell

Unknown said...

Thanks Doug - I really appreciate you and everyone being part of this bonkers/interesting event :).

I do it because I love it, I'd be doing it if NO-ONE was listening.

"Music is the best" Frank Zappa

Dick said...

A gorgeous piece of music, Matt, and a striking picture. They sit together well.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dick - there were 13 musician from all the world on it - amazing man!!

Unknown said...

I had been meaning to try to contribute to the Cafe Noodle project, but life just got in the way. (I haven't been over to Indaba in months either, and I've been a part of several very fulfilling sessions there!) I hope that you keep it going, with fresh projects running once one gets completed. I'd really LOVE to have a chance to collaborate with you and the other awesome musicians involved.

Unknown said...

Larry - i really hope you can be part of the next one mate.

Speak soon


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