Monday, 31 May 2010

My album is out tomorrow

Hello all

My new album is out to download tomorrow here. Pay what you want as usual.

I bet you are thinking he must have an amazing plan to promote it? Perhaps involving a BMX marathon,Celebrity Chefs and Ballet?

I haven't.

All I ask it that you, the readers of the blog and mailing list tell your friends about it. Tweet about it, talk about it on facebook and forums and blog about it.

I sent an advance copy out to a few people to get some reviews:

"A solo album that I can only describe as magnificent. So inspired, anything thus guy touches is genius, from guitar to bass to... mellotron? Oh yes, you know you want this."

"A seriously amazing album, this will f**king move you, seriously SERIOUSLY brilliant! Go and listen to it, I WILL be checking!"Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast - You can listen to Nicks Podcast here:

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"(Instrumental rock) music brought forward some 50 years thru the filter of metal & punk & electronica (not to mention bebop & baroque).The music itself—is genre defying: one hears rock (in several of its incarnations) & jazz & funk & classical & Latin. Stevens, whose guitar artistry is matched by his compositional skills, welds these disparate elements into a coherent whole."

" It’s abundantly apparent that Stevens has a special command over the guitar but he favours enticing, carefully crafted tracks over self-indulgent embellishment. The result is an album baring that all-encompassing, cinematic sound which draws you in without the need to utter a word."

Thanks loads, as ever for your support



Unknown said...

Best of luck with the release and promotion of this album, Matt! I hope you get some deserved success.



Unknown said...

Thanks so much pierre - I really appreciate it.


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