Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Should I Get A Band?

Should I get a band?

Recently I've been thinking a lot about playing live - I can't do a lot about it until my back is properly sorted - I can only really play for around half an hour at the moment and traveling is a major problem, trains/buses/tubes are very painful and taxis/cars are expensive(but less painful). Its frustrating but I'm going to have some more Physio and I'm having a Epidural injection next month and I hope thats this is will get me more mobile. Unfortunately this injection means I will be unable to gig in July as I'd hoped but hopefully this will give me more hope for the future. RUBBISH!!!

Also I'm thinking about playing live - I have realised that playing the Ghost material live with just an acoustic guitar and a looper pedal doesn't really work - the album just has too much extra stuff on it - I'd like to have a small band to play the stuff maybe a drummer/bass player plus someone on electronics/keys/noisy guitar - all improvising on the material. But I don't feel comfortable asking people to play in a band under my name unless I can offer some sort of financial reward which just isn't possible at the moment. Also finding people is always a problem - its odd music, lets face it (volunteers welcome!!!).

Its tough really - perhaps a guitar and laptop with midi tracks in Logic is an option but I would worry about stability and the way that you have to stick to set song lengths - not good for an improviser. Maybe Ableton live is a better idea?

Finding relevant gigs(I could play rubbish gigs every night but I'm not going to do that and loose lots of money) is tough as it is - its not jazz or rock or any other set genre. The only way i can see to build a gigging network is to build a following online then use the gigs as meeting places for the online community - like Cafe Noodle on a bigger scale nut with offline meet ups. Or do supports with acts who have an open minded audience whether its a prog band or a jazz band or a acoustic or post rock thing. I am lucky to have a bloody wonderful audience online(and I never forget this).

Lets see what happens!!!!

Speak soon



Alan said...

Matt, don't put yorself under the stress of Gigs we need you to be writing and recording, live Gigs that appreciate new and innovative music are harder to find but worth for the sheer buzz. I want to see you crack the online thing ven bigger than you have already adn i believe you will. Keep the momentum and spirits up. A band is going to stress your body travelling and keeping one together is hard work in itself. Love your music, do what you do so well brother. Best ! Alan

Alessandro Scenna said...

Hi Matt, in a case you have a gig in Italy, i'll be happy to take part.. i'm a drummer.. i definetely like ur music.
Take care
we're already friends on Fb.

Siggid├│ri said...

.... let me think... yes! Why not :)

Ernesto Schnack said...

Getting gigs for a full band is definitely harder, but I think it's totally worth it.

And I wouldn't worry too much about the finding musicians/money bit. There're a lot of good musicians out there willing to try something new.

And if the music is good and you show that you have a clear goal, the money part shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Rhys Anslow said...

I think the answer to the problem (in my eyes, please correct me if I'm wrong) is 'how practical is it?'.
I think we've seen this point highlighted recently by Imogen Heap. She loves/wants to put on big gigs with a full band but to support this she has to back them up from cd sales, I'm sure a good section of Imogens fans would be perfectly happy watching an intimate solo show without any big lights or effects and she'd make a profit, however she wants to do the whole 'big show' thing and as a result is losing money.
I think there would properly be oppitunities for you to play as the 'Matt Stevens band' and as a solo artist, this giving your fans two oppitunities and two different experiences to see you live (of which i'd love to see both).

In regards to playing songs from 'Ghost' as a solo artist, I think the different experience of the solo artist would allow you to perform them differently to how they are on the cd. For example - how many bands do you know that perform songs differently live to how they were on the studio album?

Having the option of both would also make you a more diverse performer and being a diverse musician is never a bad thing :)

Hope that helps

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comment everyone- really useful stuff.

I think what I need to do is think of albums and live as completely different things - I've probably been listening to the album versions of stuff too much during the making of Ghost. And live is messy and different and exciting - thats why its COOL!!! I shall have the think as the live version as alternative versions - no better/no worse just different - just some time you want that massive drum loops to come it.....

I can always try some stuff with a band a few years down the line.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion if you were to get a band, i think it should be a different project.
I think it would defeat the whole concept of the current project.

With that being said i am all up for new projects, so you can start the casting ahah!

Will buy your new album on iTunes as soon as my first iPod arrives!

Unknown said...

Hey Matt I think you should stick to gigging solo for this project - I agree with whoever said that if you want a band it should be a different project. However! - I've heard Behringer has made a MIDI control pedal that you could hook up to Ableton Live and control beats/synths... I haven't had the time to look into it but I definitely will - it offers some truly awesome possibilities!

Cheers and best of luck with your back,


Unknown said...

I've been thinking - the solo guitar versions do sound kind of different(hopefully in an interesting way) - so hopefully are interesting live - I really like the electronics and the drums from Ghost.


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