Tuesday, 15 June 2010

This week I'm listening to.....

This week I am listening to:

Lowercase Noises - Marshall - lovely ambient/post rock stuff

(recommendation from a Twitter friend http://www.twitter.com/headphonaught )

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works volume 2
Bill Evans - Serenity

Judgement Day - Pink Monsters - Strings/Metal with no Guitar - brilliant.

Robert Fripp - God Save The King
Miles Davis - On The Corner
Kaki King - Junior
Iron Maiden - El Dorado - new single

Demos for my third album(I'm programming the drums lying on the floor!!) and The Fierce And The Dead album demos by mr Kevin Feazey

Tonight on Cafe Noodle at 12 midnight UK time Neil Alexander and Russ Sargeant will be live streaming from New York - highly recommended.

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