Saturday, 30 May 2009

Pssst - Want to hear a new song

Hello Here is a new song from the new album coming next year if funding and inspiration allow. Its called Lake Man and the credits are: Me - Acoustic Guitar, Melodica, Kaossilator Kevin Feazey - Mellotron, Programming, Piano Stuart Marshall - Drum Loop(cut up by Kev) Let me know what you think. Its a bit of an unmastered rough mix but i've lived with it for a couple of weeks and i'm pretty happy with it. It was great using instruments other than a guitar for a change. Matt%20%20StevensQuantcast Thanks Matt


SteveMoyes said...

Love it. Great tune and really nice arrangement. I like the way you have integrated different instruments without detracting from the essential 'guitar-ness' of it.
Anyway, well done and I'll look forward to the new album.

ponor said...

I like this very much Matt. It's beautiful, soulful, nice slow build but it's got edginess too - have no idea why but I makes me think of visual stuff like silent flickery pictures, things spinning in space... :)

Unknown said...

Thanks loads Steve and Ponor

Love the idea of those visual images

Tom Slatter said...

Love it, particularly the swelling accompaniment chords, the mix of different parts, and what the piano is doing about 4.12 in.

Nick Tann said...

It's a nice tune.
I has got a nice edge to it.
I think it would sound better without the drum loop though, just texture it so it builds. The loop ties it down to much. Saying that the neew beat that comes in around 4.56 takes it up a notch, so I would perhaps just leave that one.
The other instruments do add a rich and interesting texture.
Good show old man!

Stephan Schwenk said...

Lovely work, Matt.

Djay Buddha said...

Oh this is so good Matt great arrangement and a cool vibe to the whole song..I like the changes in tempo
peace Rick

Unknown said...

Thanks so much man


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