Sunday, 10 May 2009

Live on Ustream Today

Hi all
Going to be streaming on tinterweb today.  Had a crisis of confidence today about playing - going to make the Spratton gig in July the last one for a while - i may do some streams on ustream stuff to try out new material.  I want to focus on making a great second album and building an audience on line via eventful and the mailing list.  At the end of the day the money I'm spending on playing gigs(there is a definite loss on every gig at the moment) would be better invested in getting CDs burnt and sent to Blogs and Podcast and Magazines. 
I'm sure i'll miss playing live after a while....
My phone/camera died today - i think i've used my N95 too much and it just gave up.  Grrr  
The ustream is at 8pm tonight - would be great to see you at then.


James Corachea said...

I thought your performance on the last ustream gig was the most technically sound I've seen so far. The soloing was also more inventive and had come on since the first ustream gig.

I'm in the opposite situation in that I never get on and organise any gigs to play in - partly due to thinking I'm never good enough, I don't have enough original material or that no one genuinely interested would turn up.

I'll probably do an 'agoraphobia tour' via ustream sometime (I'm patenting that name!) to reflect my reluctance to play in real gigs and to reach a completely different fanbase.

The evening time suits me better as I tend to be working on Sunday afternoons now. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Thanks James

Really good points - looking forward to the Agoraphobia tour - genius idea mate. Where can i hear your music>??




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