Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mellotron Madness plus Ustream Archive

Hello all
The last Ustream gig on Sunday was very cool - you can watch the archive here
The set was:
Dolls House
Big Sky
Lake Man
Spencer Park  
Blue Filter
Get Carter
Blimey - just realised I only played 4 songs off Echo.
In total 157 watched with an average of 50 at any one time - the feedback was great from the people who watched. The chat room was busy and i really enjoyed playing - tried a new song called Draw in  3/4 which unicycled around the pit of disaster but went ok in the end.
Yesterday I was in Pinna recording the first couple of songs for the next album - Lake Man and Blue Filter.  We put down the electronic Kaossilator overdub on Lake Man and built it up from there.  We added Mellotron, Piano, Xylophone, Melodica, and Sleigh Bells.  Can't wait to play it to you but we're only on a rough mix at the moment. For Blue Filter we added a acoustic guitar thru an AC30 - distorted and Swampy.  Not so sure about the solo on Blu Filter rough mix - it kind of works live but sounds a bit "big rock" on the recording - maybe a Trumpet would work better?
Some photos here:
Photo 225
Guitarist in dub.
Photo 229
Kev - recording genius:
Photo 226
Next ustream gig is June...


philwbass said...

I loved the Ustream gig on Sunday - even though I missed the first 20 minutes or so - I'll be keen to catch that on the recording.

The sound quality was excellent and the playing was lovely. I've had a few of the tunes going around in my head since Sunday. Can't be a bad thing!

Just need to sort out the volume of your voice for announcements in between songs. Wish I could think of a way to stream one of my gigs - maybe I'll try the second one this month.

Anonymous said...

Well done, mate. Like it very much.

Stephan Schwenk said...

Great gig on last Sunday! All the best for your recordings at Pinna and greetz to Kev and Sonny!

Unknown said...

Cheers guys

Phil - I look forward to your ustream mate.


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