Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ustream gig THIS SUNDAY!!!!

I am deeply upset abot the BNP getting 2 MEPs in the UK  - arseholes. Sad state of affairs - racism sucks, full stop.  For more information on fighting the BNP click here.
Changed my strings ready for the ustream gig on Sunday - full info on my site click here - starting at 8pm BST. Live gig streaming on tinterweb - i'm going to do a few covers this time - a 500 year old folk song and all sorts.  Would be great to see you there.
Photo 236
Really want a new iphone - THEY DO VIDEO!!!!! YES, about time - you can edit on the phone then upload straight to Youtube - genius.
Heres a video of my last ustream gig so you can get the idea of what its all about:
There is a cool chat feature as well.

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