Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sangos Boomerang

I've just done a new podcast - these will be weekly while i'm working on the new album(when recording funds allow).  There is a song from me called Blue Filter that needs some work (ie it has a massive hole in the middle of it)  and I need some help with ideas for a it - a flute solo, trumpet, spoken word thing? Any ideas?
The other song is called Samgo's Boomerang(genius name by the way) and is by The Gilliam Section.
Wonderful tune that - very atmospheric - they are on the very wonderful Habitual Grace label from Texas. Excellent.
Let me know what you think..
Mrs S and I have just got back from Brighton - cleared our heads and Mrs S took this lovely photo
And I got a new hat
Photo 235
Take it easy
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Johnny Love said...

Thank you so much, Matt! Will tells me to thank you profusely and that Sango's is HIS favorite song on the album! (I like it as well...) We really appreciate the nod! Have a great week and good luck with Blue Filter!

Unknown said...

Thanks mate - great song Sangos


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