Saturday, 18 April 2009

Set List

Evening all
Working on the set for the ustream gig.  Too sleepy to get the solos right but I know the songs. Crazy busy week. Going to try some different songs to the ones i did on the last webcast..  Should be interesting.  I always worry when i do that.  
I agonize over set lists, been thinking about this one alot lately.  I think about tempo and key and try to get the whole set to wok as one musical piece. 
Some photos from this week:
A trip to Denmark Street - loads of dull generic Fenders amd Gibson but some lovely Zvex effects
Turnkey - it closed down a while back - the staff were very rude
Mrs S got me this for Easter
North London Sky
I'm ustreaming Sunday at 5pm - see you at

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