Monday, 13 April 2009

The next Gig on Ustream/New Song/Zappa

Now this is how you do an instrumental.  The Melody on this is wonderful and i love the use of multiple timbre in the arrangement.  Awesome.
Ladies & Gentlemen:
Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia(we played this at our wedding, although it wasn't the first dance):
Our wedding reception was a wonderful opportunity to play the works of Fripp, Zoe Keating, Eno, The Mahavishnu Orchestra etc to my family/friends. Great.
I'm doing another streamed gig on Sunday 5pm BST international times here . You can watch just by going to my website at that time The last one was great - i'm going to a different set this time and i won't have a beard.  I was watching Snoop Dogg on ustream the other day - i think its going to be this years Youtube. The interaction with the audience is great.
Wrote another new song called Husker - sounds a bit like Magazine or Mrs S says it sounds a bit elton john. I'm not so sure.
Take it easy 

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