Thursday, 30 April 2009

Ill grrr

7.47 am
I've been ill - temperature of 102, fluids only and a terrible fear of toilets in general. Rubbish - i hate being ill and hate being stuck in bed - what a waste of time.  Feeling slightly better today but feel like i have been punched in the head.
My wife has been wonderful - i have been well looked after indeed although i am worried she will catch what i've had.
Before all this happened i've working on a new song in 6/8 with a nice ascending riff in a  pseudo classical style. Currently looking for a title for it but nothing yet - you can't force these things.  It will find its title when it wants one and not before.
I still need your help on where to play live. Click on here to help, i would REALLY appreciate it.
Looking at the map so far - lots of requests in the UK and US and one in europe.  
I'm also really up for doing House Concerts. House concerts are a great idea where you play in someone's front room and the performer gets a donation from the people who come - an invited audience of the hosts friends.  Especially cool when combined with UStream so everyone can watch.
Also should be confirming a London gig soon. The next ustream webcast is may 10th - details on my site.
Busy Busy 


steve uccello said...

bummer man, feel better! i just got over a little flu myself, such a drag!! looks like you're staying busy in spite of it all, keep up the good work-

Unknown said...

Thanks Steve - trying mate

Stephan Schwenk said...

Get well soon mate! Stephan


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