Wednesday, 8 April 2009

How to do a gig on Ustream

How to do a gig on Ustream
After the gig I did on Sunday on Ustream i've had a few emails from people asking how to do it so here it is:
Get Firefox (Google it) - ustream works loads better with this browser. You'll need a fairly speedy web connection.
Sign up for a Ustream account - easy - at
Click on start broadcast and off you go. The best settings on the broadcast dashboard are maximum audio quality and middle video quality. Make sure the audio is set to your sound card not the built in sound.
This is the equipment i used:
Kaossilator, Acoustic Guitar, Whammy Pedal, Behringer Desk, Volume Pedal into UX2 toneport the stuff i used for the Ustream gig - the song is a new one - if you have an idea for a title let me know. (I'm currently into Baker Tom). Here a video of my stuff i used:
Make sure you promote it using a Facebook event, an email blast and myspace bulletin so that people watch.
I really think this is the future of live gigs.
Here is a video of the gig did Video streaming by Ustream Matt Stevens


matthew said...

This is cool, but is there a tipping mechanism, a la Second Life, so performers can get paid?

Unknown said...

you can add a paypal donate button - people were asking if they could pay me during the gig

Elliott said...

I love that! Right on brother, thanks for the info! Great idea


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