Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Hello! A weekend away in Rushden. An excellent Curry(Kebab for starters - fantastic) with some brilliant friends - much discussion of Matt Smith being the new Doctor Who - he looks too young but we'll see. He's younger than me! 030120092562 030120092563 I did my mind reading act: 030120092564 Mirror? 040120092574 Oakley arms boarded up: 040120092576 Stuart audio where I brought my first 4x12 speaker cabinet (a 70's blue Park) 040120092583 Spencer Park on a Sunday Morning montage: 040120092587 040120092591 040120092589 040120092595 040120092594 This painting on the Spencer Park sign shows Rushden Hall, The War Memorial and St Marys Church - I think the Oakley was a much more important monument myself. 040120092597 Rushdens Woolworths closed on Sunday - tragic for the staff and lovers of Pick and Mix. 040120092601 Off home laden with bags (loads of presents!) 040120092603 I've just had an interesting offer to do a gig in the USA - more soon. Take it easy Matt Stevens

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