Sunday, 25 January 2009


15.53 West green early Saturday Morning: 240120092686 Rehearsing for the gig on Thursday - still not quite up to full gigging speed on the terrifying Am Arpeggio run at the start of one song. This one: Microsoft have release their new Tunesmith Program that creates music from melody lines. Its rubbish - check out how horrible it sounds on this Billy Idol song: I'll stick with Garage Band. Spent yesterday wandering around central London. A trip to Hamblys toy shop: 240120092689 The new Kevin Feazey action man doll. Picadilly Circus 240120092697 Fortnam and Masons window: A faustian pact: 240120092715 240120092705 Covent Garden busker 240120092727 Take it easy Matt Stevens

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