Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blog Astoria Podcast?

14.44 So the Astoria one of my favorite venues has closed sad news - I saw At The Drive-In there it was AMAZING- great band - this is from the gig I was at: Watching that makes me want to play noisy rock again - just incredible. Check their band after ATDI the Mars Volta who are also bloody wonderful. Mrs S and I visited the South Bank on Sunday - although the Tourists were out in full force it was great to wonder by the Thames. Mrs got a new Capo and I got a book on California, research for our trip to Santa Cruz for later in the year if everything comes together to play the looping festival. 180120092632 180120092637 180120092635 Have you ever noticed all the "kids" skate boarding there are my age? Found a great cake shop (may I recommend the Liqourice/Chocolate muffin). 180120092662 Spent today getting my Hair cut and visiting Sonny and Kev at Pinna: 210120092672 210120092679 Talking about the future of the music industry... I've been featured in a couple of great pod casts: Is This Thing on Nick Tanns Podcast at - here check out Nicks music a very talented Singer/songwriter. Its a Frogs Life - (2 songs - thanks Graham) here Both top notch. Matt Stevens

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