Wednesday, 28 January 2009


20.58 Great quote from a punter at a Robert Fripp gig: “Forty minutes of an old man, playing pretty much the same thing over and over and over again, strumming once every 10 minutes and then fiddling with knobs for the rest of the time.” Fripps playing in may with Theo Travis I really want to go if i can get it into the schedule. Still Practicing for the gig tomorrow - still want to get it 100% - not quite there yet, its the first gig i've done since Sept last year and the first since the album came out. The gig is here: n40688727168_6184
Quantcast Also confirmed at Spratton Folk festival on the 2nd stage - i played last year on the village stage: It was a great place to play and wonderful people. Back to practice.... Matt Stevens


Johnny Love said...

Great quote on Fripp!! Love it!! Good luck with the practising (and) the show. Your music and blogging inspires, Matt. Thanks for that!

Unknown said...

Wow! Love the video of you on the guitar. That's a pretty sweet talent you've got there. I can play a few chords but wish I could get my fingers to learn faster. I probably waited to long to learn. Awesome music! Good luck on the gig.

Unknown said...

Thanks KIm and Johnny - I'm glad you enjoyed the Fripp quote.


nltnjnns said...

Hi Matt -

Great energy.

How did you record the accompaniment? (I assume that was you recorded...)


Unknown said...

I sampled myself using a looping pedal - its called live looping = more info on my site


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