Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Be Seeing You

21.34 Finished practicing the set for the next few gigs: Flies In the Basement Dolls House Spencer Park Blue Filter Big Sky Burning Bandstands Some songs off Echo plus some new songs. Started the contacting everyone plan today got as far a December - still another 26 months to go but I'll get there. Sad news the Astoria closed today I saw At The Drive In and numerous other gigs there - a wonderful venue. Patrick Mcghoohan passed away today I love the Prisoner: I am not a number... Some photos from today behind the railway tracks North London: 140120092621 140120092616 140120092615 You wouldn't believe you were in London really Be Seeing You Matt Stevens


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photographs.. really.. not just saying that...:)

Stephan Schwenk said...

Yes, I agree to that as well. Very nice. Wouldn't it be a good idea to put this on the cover of your next album?

Unknown said...


I was thinking album cover as well!


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