Saturday, 11 May 2013

Studio Diary Day 1

We're getting there. Recording the second Fierce And The Dead album at a top secret location in the country. Actually it's Farheath Studios in Northants. 

We're set up. First couple of tracks down. It's lovely here. And it sounds amazing, we all feel really positive. 

There are donkeys

Lovely desk

Doing Drums

Actually these photos could all be captioned "Photos of Kev working"
He's doing a great job, he's very much the captain of the ship for these sessions. 

Lovely views

Natural light makes a massive difference in the studio. And a pond. 

Can't wait to try this amp later....

And today's Pedal board is....
My pedal board

Right, back to it....

We have a lucky winner


Scatterfilter said...

More pedals.

I so want to hear this.

Alex Brubaker said...

What are the two pedals in the top right?


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