Sunday, 12 May 2013

Celebr8/Day 3

Day 3

Kev and Stu recording more rhythm tracks:

Me and Steve went off to Celebr8

We were only going to be there for a few hours between recording, sadly i missed loads of good stuff including Knifeworld acoustic etc


Steve driving. 

We were doing well until we decided to get a cup of tea and hit traffic coming to the venue. Then we couldn't find the venue. We reached the venue with minutes to spare. Scary.

Set up and did the set and it went down well apart from when my pickup bust. But my friend Andy Tillison played some piano in the break, top fella (his solo set was also storming):

Off I went:

I went for a walk in the audience:

I must admit i love it when people clap along :) 

Photos by my mate Mike Evans:

Then I had a wonder round meeting lots of lovely "prog friends". 

Later me and Andy Tillison did a set of improvised music. I loved it, Andy is a very talented man, lovely fella. The set seemed to go down very well, spacey stuff to jazzy rock n roll :) 

Hope to work with Andy again soon. Awesome.

Then driving back to the studio to finish the album. 

Busy Busy. 

Thanks so much Steve for driving, what a lovely audience and top stuff all round. Twang and Geoff are the best. Saw some bits of the other acts, top stuff. Please have a look at buying a program, it keeps the festival going:

A unique 2CD Programme featuring rare, live or unreleased tracks from the artistes appearing at Celebr8.2 2013.
Disc One -
1) IO Earth – Kindred Spirits – Previously unreleased
2) Mark Spencer – Kings and Queens – Taken from the Twelfth Night DVD
3) District 97 – Back In NYC – Taken from the album ‘Live At CalProg’
4) Galahad – Beyond The Barbed Wire – Taken from the album ‘Battle Scars’
5) Frost* - Raining In My Heart – Previously unreleased
6) Knifeworld - In A Foreign Way – Taken from the Clairvoyant Fortnight EP
7) Threshold – Ashes – Taken from the album ‘March of Progress’
Disc Two -
1) Matt Stevens – 8.19 (Transcend Mix) – Previously unreleased
2) Alan Reed – Kingdom of The Blind – Taken from the album First In A Field Of One
3) Andy Tillison/The Tangent – Lost In Ledston – Previously Unreleased
4) Harvest – In Debris (featuring Steve Rothery) – Taken from the album ‘Chasing Time’
5) Haken - Celestial Elixir (Live) – Previously unreleased
6) Simon Godfrey/Shineback – Fears Aren’t Toys – Taken From the album ‘Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed
7) Mystery – Pride – Taken from the album- The World Is A Game
8) Arena – Ascension – Previously unreleased
Get it here:

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