Monday, 13 May 2013

Final day in the studio.

We got it done. Mostly.

We're doing one more day of overdubs but all the guitars got tracked, we went literally to the last minute.

Kev did a magnificent job of producing and engineering, so pleased with the tracks.

We used a Mesa Boogie head and the old Park 4x12 speaker and a Blackstar amp. The range of sounds was crazy.

The Mesa had 4 channels!! So much range, although I'll never be able to afford the 3 grand they cost. I am available for endorsements :) I'm not a fan of that straight Mesa rock sound but this head was so

Steve's Pedal board:

Big Face:
Mesa head:
It had almost as many knobs round the back. (Yes, I know I've seen a lot of Carry On films too)

DL4 playing:

BEM label boss James came to see us. Top fella. We mostly ate pot noodles :) Read about James's visit here:

Then at 9pm it was all done, time to load up the van and head back to London.

I really really enjoyed it, made me realise how good the musicians in the band were to be honest. A few more overdubs but we're mostly there. 

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