Monday, 7 November 2011

Whats it really like backstage at gigs?

When I was a lad I always wondered what happens backstage at gigs.

I always imagined it being cool and interesting with wild rock n roll parties. What its like really is the servent's quarters, at the level I gig at its often the toilets/dressing rooms :)

The back area of the Islington Academy closely resembles the back area of a shopping centre.

Normally if you are supporting a well known band they say "there are only 3 dressing rooms so not one for the support". The more famous the band you are supporting the more stressed the tour manager looks, desperately hunting for the correct size towels.

Last weekend I supported Panic Room at an amazing new venue called the Apex in Bury St Edmunds. Panic Room are lovely people and treated me really well and i even got my own dressing room. The venue was huge, the dressing room was a good minute walk from the stage. This is that walk.

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David Elliott said...

"Hello Cleveland!"


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