Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Some Good News: Alfie Comes Home & Big Band

Alfie by mattstevensguitar
Alfie, a photo by mattstevensguitar on Flickr.
The last few days have been crazy stressful, our cat Alfie got lost. We are really attached to him.

We gave out flyers and put up posters and we walked around the local area for hours looking in people's gardens (god knows what people must have thought of me). There were fireworks going off so we were worried that Alf was getting frightened. We posted on Twitter as well and everyone was really kind and supportive (mostly apart from one twat)), and RT'd a photo of him.

By yesterday morning we began to accept he probably wasn't coming back, we started to grieve.....

Then my wife was in the garden and he wandered in.

We couldn't believe it. He was purring away and seemed really pleased to see us. It was amazing. It was raining but he was dry so there is a good chance that he was locked in somewhere. Maybe someone saw a tweet or a leaflet and checked their shed? I posted the photo on Twitter and Facebook and we got so many amazing messages from people saying they were pleased.

It makes you realise how special and supportive the online community is :) One person said it was like a "made for Twitter movie".

We still can't believe he is home.

My friend @stonewing , Matt Erion sent me this lovely Big Band version of my song big sky recorded live in Chicago:

Big Sky Premiere by Stonewing

Thanks so much mate.

These last few years have been so surprising and exciting :)


James H said...

So pleased to hear it! A missing cat is the last thing you need at the moment.

Federico Antin said...

Beautiful news, good for Alfie, and for you...

Tom Emmons said...

Glad the cat's back.

Love that rendition of Big Sky. Would be great to watch a big band perform it too!


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