Sunday, 6 November 2011

Matt Stevens - Rusty - Relic Track By Track 3

Track 3.

Its named after a very good mate of mine and we used to call him Rusty many years ago.

This song is quite influenced by a band called Draw. Amazing band from Northamptonshire, quite psychedelic stuff. Massive influence on me and my music and that of my friends. There was a song on my last album Ghost named after them. You can hear them at:

The drums are by Stuart Marshall from Fierce And The Dead. I love the way his parts build over the song, Kev who produced the album really worked on the build here. The drums were recorded at Livingston.

The violin is my friend Chrissie Caulfield, amazing musician who plays in a few bands and projects. Her band Catscans are great, we're hoping to play some gigs with them next year. She has toured with Crippled Black Phoenix and I saw her do a stunning gig with them earlier in the year at the Lexington in London. I think her contribution to the album really made a massive difference and I'm so pleased she was involved.

I really like this song and i normally open my live set with it. Live i tend to add more layers and I play the violin part on a Whammy Pedal.

You can get Relic from:


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