Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Live video from Roastfest and Recent Gigs

So the live shows for 2011 have come to an end. The last few have all been pretty good.

Panic Room at Bury was fun and I got offered a radio session for Radio Cambridge, which is nice. Bury St Edmunds is a lovely place, and the Apex is a stunning venue with a great crew.

Panic Room are a pleasure to play with, lovely people.

The Fierce And The Dead gigs have been interesting. The first one was odd, felt weird being in a band again after 5 years of solo gigs and I wasn't sure I liked it. But once I got into the swing of things it was OK and by the second and third gig in Crouch End in an Ice Cream parlour I was really enjoying it.

The other people in the band are great players and I think people are blown away with Stu's drumming, I'm used to it so I don't really notice to be honest but he is fucking amazing. I really want to focus of making that band a going concern next year.

I can't see myself doing another solo album next year. I want to do loads of solo gigs for Relic and a DVD/CD of the live show. We've already recorded a new Fierce And The Dead EP and we'll also do an album.

The final couple of solo gigs of the year were really special. Roastfest was great. A gathering of interesting bands and people, I really loved playing - I really hope Roastfest 2 happens (and really go and check out all the other incredible bands on the bill).

Supporting The Reasoning was a lot of fun, once again great people to play with. A pleasure.

I don't think I've played any horrible gigs in the last year, a few weird ones but no nasty ones.


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