Friday, 22 July 2011

Tom Baker says watch a free streaming gig tomorrow :)

Tomorrow I'm doing a streaming online gig - watch on your computer at:

Cafe Noodle Online Venue

I'm on at 7PM UK time but the full line up of amazing performers is:

5pm Steve Moyes

6pm Chrissie Caulfield

7pm - Matt Stevens

8pm Glenn Bassett

9pm - Pierre Masse

10pm Stephen Goodman

World times for the start of the event are here.

After that Cafe Noodle will be closing, hopefully there is talk of someone else taking the concept forward but the ning will cease to be. Its been lots of fun doing it and I've met some lovely people and some AMAZING acts have played.

Unfortunately I no longer have the time and resources to run the site - I'm playing live more and the Fierce And The Dead is happening. If you are interested in Fierce And the Dead stuff (my band project) there is a cracking half page review of the album in the new issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog.

Please tell your friends about the gig tomorrow and lets make it a fun send off!

Thanks for all your support.

Matt Stevens

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