Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fierce and Dead video and a gig with Jon Gomm

First watch this great video that features music from The Fierce And The Dead - which once again prove that listeners make better videos than bands

The gigs for Relic start next month, its all go. Its only been a few months since the Ghost ones finished, I need to get the new set tight. It'll take a while. Its difficult trying to get it tight while leaving room for improvisation. One gig that looks like it will sell out very quickly is:


Which is me supporting Jon Gomm an amazing acoustic guitar player. About Jon:

Jon will be playing songs from his 2 albums, plus some new stuff due to be released as singles this Autumn.

"Once you get over the jaw-dropping manoeuvres and technique, you will be rewarded with some spectacularly beautiful songs." Blues and Soul magazine

“Sheer bloody genius… sublime, impassioned songwriting” Sandman Magazine

“We have seen the future of acoustic guitar playing, and it is called Jon Gomm” Blues Matters

Listen and watch at http://www.jongomm.com

Its all go. I'm really excited about it all thou



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