Thursday, 14 July 2011

And in Fierce And The Dead news....

Well first of all - thanks so much to everyone who has pre-ordered Relic, the new solo record- it really means a lot to me. Less than 50 left if you want one from:


This version features a extra disc of demos and out-takes that won't be available digitally in a cardboard sleeve, numbered and signed.

The Fierce and The Dead have a new second guitarist, Steve Cleaton. He is a great player, amazing musical ears, he worked all his parts out himself even the really complex chordal parts. Me and him spent Friday last week going through each song, it worked really well. Full band rehearsal tomorrow and gigs in September, which is cool. Can't wait to play this stuff live.

The new Classic Rock Presents Prog features a half page really supportive review of the new Fierce And The Dead album, which is great. They compared us to Can, The Fall and Radiohead. Brilliant, very well written review. We have hit an new level of obscurity :)

We're getting there. This has been a good year. One of the most frustrating things is for all the stuff that does come off a lot doesn't but its best to focus on the positive. I'm so lucky to make this music and have a supportive audience.

Ta :)

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