Sunday, 27 February 2011

Panic Room

I'm weening myself off Facebook and Twitter and the moment. I have some great friends on both sites but I've been spending FAR too much time on there. They are both amazing ways to connect with people and basically i just use them for talking to people i consider my friends and gaining an audience has been an incredible bonus, really. I feel very lucky.

People normally find posts on ere if I tweet about them or via Facebook, so I'm not sure how many hits this will get but it makes me happy writing it.

The gig last night was a lot of fun, the Panic Room crowd were lovely as were the band. Great live act and nice people. I met the Tinyfish guys and they have a very similar attitude to me with music stuff. And I spoke to many friends and listeners old and new. The set seemed to go well I played:

Rusty (new song)
Burning Bandstands
Burnt Out Car
Big Sky

A lovely audience:


Panic Room onstage:


Playing to people at the Peel in front of a full room of people is great, didn't expect that when I was doing open mics and all that. Amazing and massively unexpected :)


Unknown said... has some great photos and a review of the gig :)

Tim (Kalyr) said...

That's a great thing about audiences for newer prog bands; we're much more willing to listen to something new. I remember Marc Atkinson saying he loves it when he supports a band like Breathing Space, because he's playing to an audience willing to listen to his own songs rather than covers.

Unknown said...

yeah agreed - very hard to find :)


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