Wednesday, 2 February 2011

And then it was January - US Radio,Classic Rock Prog etc

And all of a sudden it was January.

Beardrock reviewed The Fierce And The Dead -

Incredibly Echoes Radio played my album across 130 radio stations in the US - - proper radio play ( I wish i could do that in the UK)

Had my photo taken and did an interview for the March edition of classic rock Prog magazine. Really nice people.

A couple of really supportive blog posts about my music:

I was interviewed on Radio 5 about the death of Myspace

Confirmed as support for Fish in rushden in April - a homecoming gig - really exciting - and confirmed for the Electric Garden Festival in Blackpool in May

I did an interview with the excellent Nanolog blog

The Yonks EP I played on with Lextrical came out (and sold surprisingly well - thanks much)

As a group the people on my Facebook music page designed an add for Classic Rock Prog by giving me feedback on the design - the ad is now in the current issue of the mag, thank you :)

Classic rock prog 4 copy
Konk studios Crouch End, London

Stephen Goodman did an amazing ambient version of my track Ghost on

We made some 13/8 T-shirts -

I visited the Guardian offices near Kings Cross - amazing building:


And did lots of recording for album number 3 - 6 songs done - sounding surprisingly heavy!! Kev was brilliant, really creative. He even did some BV's for my guitar "lead vocal".

Did a Ustream and it went OK (until I ran out of rehearsed songs!).

And the Fierce and the Dead returned with a new song.

And that was January.



Anonymous said...

Wow, good month! There is a buzz about 2011, isn't there? We had the 2010 World Cup buzz here last year, but for me it was pretty average - 2011 is just banging!

I really like how you're starting to get 'viral' exposure turning into tangible sales and airplay. So inspiring, man. Guys like you killed the radio store ;).

So. When you tour South Africa, hit me up for a free photoshoot - time to return the favor!

Unknown said...

Thanks man - yeah it was busy :)

lol didn't mean to kill the rasdio store :) - yeah its starting to happen - see you in SA

2011 is going to be awesome :)


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