Tuesday, 1 February 2011

December and January

What was all that about? Well its seems I have failed to blog much - I don't really know why - talking to people via Twitter and my facebook music page just seems to have taken that place in my life and what I do - anyone found that? Anyway - I thought I should at least document what happened for my own sanity and to get myself back into it all again.

I've been writing the posts for my friends site Live Unsigned, If your an indie musician that wants info there is LOADS of stuff there - i think this is mainly why I have stopped writing here - that space has been taken by the LU blog - I've really enjoyed that - its all stuff I've done in the real word. So much stuff written to help musicians is done by people who have never done it themselves and this makes me quite annoyed, so I'm really proud of the stuff on the blog.

So this will be 2 posts one for Dec and I'll do one for January tomorrow.

December then brrr, cold. Indeed.

After the BJH support gig in November I did a gig with the mighty avant jazz funk Trio Furniture, which was lots of fun. I think they're brilliant. I met up with some online friends and made some new ones - result. There is some music from this gig on http://mattstevens.podbean.com/



I won the Acoustic Artist of the year at the Somojo Awards http://www.somojo.net/index.php?t=polls - thank so much for everyone who voted for me, didn't see that coming.

Miles Of Trane blog named me Artists of the Year - http://milesoftrane.blogspot.com/2010/12/artist-of-year-matt-stevens.html

I did an interview with the excellent Guitar Jar - http://www.guitarjar.co.uk/features/matt-stevens-interview/ and homenucleonics

And my album Ghost was in the best albums of the year list of:

Dom Lawson in Classic Rock Presents Prog
Anil Prasad (Innerviews, Guitar Player, All About Jazz)

I didn't expect any of this. I had no idea when we made Ghost - thanks SO much everyone.

And Fierce And The Dead EP1 was on the Progopolis album of the year list.

My song Lakeman was on the CD that comes with Classic Rock Prog

Photo 13
I did a gig with Welsh Proggers Godsticks - was fun and made some more friends (but I defo need to tighten up my set).

We did a couple of streaming web gigs - which is always fun :)

And I considered putting a live band together.

And that was December - thanks loads to everyone who supported me - surprising and amazing - thank you :)

Another online friend wrote this very cool poem around my song 8.19 - this really meant a lot to me - its great when we inspire each other:


December was a really bizzare! Had great Christmas - upwards and onwards :)

Thanks everyone.


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