Thursday, 3 February 2011

The end of a year long project and doing music for a living.

Its always weird when you finish a project that lasted a long time - this Sunday was the end of my Sunday Free Noodle project, when I started I was a musician who also worked full time and by the end I was a "musician", as in something i do for a living. I never thought that this would happen and I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me by buying my downloads and CDs. And they said it couldn't be done :)

In that year I've recorded 2 albums, a solo one and a Fierce and The Dead one, a Yonks EP and received national press attention, been on album of the year lists and lots of podcasts and blogs and made some amazing friends online. A great year really, totally never expected that and all down to the generous support of listeners online - talk about the kindness of strangers. Also I've lost a good friend and been through various personal difficulties in the transition to musician, including really injuring myself, this stopped me playing/gigging for a lot of this time.

This is us in the studio making the Fierce And The Dead album, as usual funded by your support (those aren't can of lager in the background, honest). Thank you so much.

TFATD tracking sessionsKev at Liv
The sunday free noodle lasted for 52 weeks this is the final, 52nd free download - I'd like to thank the following amazing musicians for playing on the songs:

Dan Wilson (we miss you mate)
Stephen Goodman
Ernesto Schnack
Phil Wain
Gaetano Fontanazza
Rainer Straschill
Tadas Petrikas
Rob Grundel
Ernesto Schnack
Alun Vaughan
Nick Cottam
Nils Eyre
Andrew Brooker
Lizzi Wood
Simon Taylor
Kevin Feazey
Stuart Marshall
Dementio 13
Nick Tann

and everyone who listened to the songs - literally 1000's every month, incredible!!!

These songs will be available to download for a few more weeks, or maybe longer - not sure what I'll do with the podcast feed yet (as usual I'm looking to save money if I can). In a 2011 I'm moving :)

Thank you for all your support.


The final Sunday Free Noodle is:

The Fierce And The Dead - Flint - Matt Stevens(guitar/delays) Kevin Feazey (Guitars/Bass/Programming/percussion/synths) Stuart Marshall (Drums/percussion) (Feazey/Stevens)

Grab it here -

Produced by Kevin Feazey

The album will be out soon......

Finally a new Fierce And The Dead song - more info about the band at:

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curly said...

That is some impressive mixing desk there!

Unknown said...

Its not ours - we fluked it and got a very good super cheap deal at an amazing studio

undergroundbastard said...

Loving that FATD tune. Cheers on a year of transition - and getting past the hurdles, to put it mildly.

James Corachea said...

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Sunday Free Noodles. I think my favourite was the sneak preview of Scapegoat from the Multiple Sclerosis Society weekend of gigs. I never did get to record a flute part for you as I discussed a year ago, but figured that it was too different from the guitar and not something I wanted to be associated with.

Massive congrats on realising your dreams and making music your full time occupation!

Unknown said...

Cheers guys - Flutes are cool!!!!!

I have no interest in being known as a guitarist myself - i want the music to be know, what instrument its played on i don't give a toss :)


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