Saturday, 15 May 2010

Doctor Who/photos/stream


A few things - i hope you are all doing well. How are you enjoying the new series of Doctor Who? I love it, wonderful stuff.

I just wanted to let you know a few bits. My back is still causing me problems - trying not to cancel stuff but having to play everything by ear at the moment. I will be back playing properly soon, thats what i keep telling myself!!

I'm doing a live stream tonight @ 10pm GMT here - probably won't be able to play for too long as sitting up is a real problem for me at the moment - crazy eh?

There is nice blog post about my music here.  Also there is also another free song from the new album here to download free and you can also get the CD version of Echo and Ghost there.

Ohh - i nearly forgot - there is a really cool remix of one of my songs here. Brilliant.

Also, musicians! This is a fantastic project well worth supporting here. I am hoping to get involved myself, back permitting.

Speak soon and godspead


Some photos - the one below is from the Fierce and The Dead sessions last year and the others are from one of my recovery walks!


MattsBlurFullpola IMG_0674 IMG_0672

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