Thursday, 20 May 2010

Gig off Sunday


I have had to pull out the Acoustic Festival gig on Sunday due to my ongoing back problems after the visit to the hospital yesterday. Gutted.

I'm not happy about it but there is nothing I can do about it. Bugger. I really don't want my music to become a "studio/ustream" project. Its so frustrating but travelling is incredibly painful and my back locks and i'm unable to move. Rubbish.

If anyone want to order one of the few remaining Limited Edition digipack CD's of Echo or the Pre Order Ghost you can here (and grab yourself a free download while you're there).

Over at the very great Cafe Noodle (which is the community/forum thing) is a very amazing project which it would be great to see you involved in. Amazing collaboration.


And you can still get the 19 minute Fierce and The Dead single here and pay what you want - there is some really big things happening with TFATD but I can't talk about them yet in case they don't happen....

Don't forget to help your self to free music here - 15 free songs and rising every week,

Oh and my music is featured on Mr Nick Tanns podcast listen ere:

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Thanks SO much for your support. Amazing.

Speak soon


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