Sunday, 28 June 2009

Another Video from Ustream

The gig on friday went really well - very nice place and cool people.
This is a video from the rehearsals in the afternoon that i ustreamed from my website.
I'd really like feedback if you have any.
Will be ustreaming off and on for the next couple of weeks - there will a full gig on the 5th July as a warm up for spratton folk festival the following week.
I have restrung my tele - its a great guitar but i'm not sure i am still an "electric guitarist". I want a new sound with it - not fuzzy marshally rubbish. - more east bay ray or radiohead? I remember how bored i was of the instrument before - when i sold my Les Paul i thought that was it for me in terms of electric stuff.


Take it easy
Matt Stevens

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Stephan Schwenk said...

Oh boy - I wish I would own this tele. If your are looking for a different sound then try the guitar modelling feature of Logic. But I'm always a friend of a natural guitar sound. May you ask Kevin for a 65-twin reverb amp at the studio. This combination will provide an excellent sound without using any rubbish effects.


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