Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tough Week

The ustream gig was great - wonderful so many people watched. This week was all down hill from here. Walking home on Monday night I was attacked by some "youths" in the street on the way home. They attacked me from behind striking me round the back of the head. I was shocked and angry, the Police arrived quickly and were helpful. I've had headaches all week and a nasty bump on the back of my head. Every time i go out and see a group of kids i am on edge. Arseholes. Apparently I have mild concussion. Thanks to everyone who sent me nice messages. Here is a video of the ustream gig - i REALLY hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think. I'm just about to confirm a London gig - will post in the next few days..... Matt


maltjerry said...

The random attack sounds very disturbing and I really hope you can get past it very soon.

I watched the Ustream gig after the fact and really enjoyed it, especially the off-the-beaten-path little runs you do. And the 'drinking Guinness' solo.

Hope I'm around for the gig.

James said...

Hey Matt, Great stuff, you are really talented (not that I need to say that cos you've probably been playing forever). Cheers mate.


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