Monday, 9 February 2009


Hello all - been away for a while. The gig a couple of weeks ago was great - packed room and a great crowd many of whom said nice things and actually listened. I may have to do a few more gigs - played the first time with the Whammy pedal - made loads of strange noises and tried out some My Bloody Valentine backwards loops. Played Big Sky for the first time - it went done well. A lot has happened since then - I got a bit addicted to twitter. Mrs S joined twitter - we dicovered yes it is possible to have a conversation with someone in the same room via the internet. It snowed - really snowed - i thought I'd give my track snow(how apt) away free for a week. London just kind of Stoppped.: To Download snow(FREE) just visit Thanks to everyone who has shared my Reverbnation player on their page/blog/site. Radiohead played a fanatastic version of 15 steps on the Grammys - a song in 15/8 or 3 repeating bars on 5/8 How cool is that. i wrote a new 5/8 song called the Devils Lantern - I'm trying to start sessions for another album soon - the last one took 2 years so i'd like to have another one done by 2010. There is a big anti looping article in this weeks NME - all about how everyone is doing it. Does anyone really care what the NME says??? My music was also featured on this podcast - thanks to my friend Graham of its a frogs life - thanks mate. Its a non album version of west green - the dub version. Will post some more photos soon. Take it easy Matt Stevens


Nick Tann said...

Don't start me on Twitter!

Just installed Twitterdeck.

I may try and limit myself.

I am only kidding myself!

Can't see MY reverbnation widget here, I'll carry on looking.....

Unknown said...

Nick - just tried to put your widget on here but it won't take the html - any ideas mate?

Unknown said...

or should we just move to wordpress???


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