Sunday, 15 February 2009

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Still messing around with Twitter, Its a really good way to communicate quickly with people and get answers to questions. Very useful for musicians and loads faster than myspace. However I don't want to lose touch with the many WONDERFUL people I've met and built friendships with on myspace and other sites ie facebook, loopers-delight, Reverbnation,afc-ning, etc. It appears thats different sites have different communities ie some people are Myspace people some are Facebook etc. Anyway here is my twitter feed if you want to follow me:
Apparently Twiiter has trippled in size recently.
Some people worth following: = He knows a lot about social media and he is a great bass player. - Mrs S my wonderful wife - (mercury nominated this year)Sonny from Pinna - he mastered my album and has worked with loads of great artists = Kev who produced my album
Here is an advert for Nick Tanns Twitter
We had wonderful valentines day: Valentine's Day at our house :) on TwitPic
I'm going to this on thursday Steve Lawson and Theo Travis - who are great:
Thu Feb 19 09 05:30 PM National Theatre Foyer, Steve Lawson/Theo Travis in London, LONDON
More info on that at
Working on a promo video for my album today - Click here here to buy it on itunes. Editing the videp footage from the album recording down this afternoon. Busy Busy!
Matt Stevens


Anonymous said...

I heart twitter. I am still trying to get the hang of it. I am amazed how many people are actually on it. It's wild!

Unknown said...

Twitter Rocks - it takes a while - i've just added it to my website


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