Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Cake/New Site

Working on a new Riff in 7/8 8 songs into writing a second album now - although I should be pushing the first one(click here to buy it on itunes). You can hear what i'm working on here:
Messing around with with a new riff in 7/8 on Updating my website - its all brand new and shiny have a look at this place and let me know what you think. Visited Starbucks this morning - why is buying a coffee so complicated???? WHY WHY WHY? Just about to confirm another London gig - I'll post it on here soon . Te rest of the day I've been battling the Last FM musician interface - its horrible worse than Myspace and reviewing tracks on Garageband so I can post some more music there. So we got cakes - mmmm and everything was OK. May I recommend Dunns bakers in Crouch End - lovely. Take it easy Matt Stevens

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